Guest Friendly Hotels in Pattaya

The Beverly Hotel Pattaya

If you’re looking for a party destination with plenty of accommodation options, Pattaya is definitely where you should start looking. With its second largest nightlife scene and an impressive selection of places to stay, it’s easy to see why this city is a popular choice for travelers from all over the world.

Ranging from budget-friendly stays to luxurious rooftop swimming pools, these guest friendly hotels offer something for everyone, including some incredible views from the suites.

If you’re looking for a great place to relax on vacation, but have a tight budget, consider booking a stay in Pattaya instead of Bangkok. On average, girls friendly hotels in Pattaya are much cheaper than those found in the capital city. 

This means you can get more bang for your buck and find excellent accommodations that are still within your price range. Plus, provided you pay close attention to reviews and check out the hotel’s amenities, you can make sure you’ll have all the comforts of home no matter where you stay!

We have listed below all of the girls friendly hotels in Pattaya. If you’re looking for a conveniently located place to stay while you explore what Pattaya has to offer, a girls friendly hotel is an ideal choice. These hotels have been designed with female guests’ needs and preferences in mind, creating an environment that’s accommodating and secure. So let’s get started.

Best Girl Friendly Hotels In Pattaya

Sunshine Hotel & Residences (3 Stars)

The Sunshine Hotel & Residences is an inviting and modern three star hotel located conveniently near Beach Road. A short stroll away from Central Pattaya, as well as Walking Street and the bars on Soi 6, staying at this hotel makes it easy to explore the surrounding areas. 

Inside, guests can expect comfortable, tidy rooms complete with queen beds and modern decorating. In addition to free Wi-Fi throughout the facility, you are sure to appreciate access to a beautiful swimming pool perfect for taking a break from the action of Pattaya.

Sunshine Hotel & Residences

With its reasonable room rate balanced against its offering of amenities, it’s no wonder so many visitors have fallen in love with Sunshine Hotel & Residences.

Average room rate in high season: $45-50 USD per night

User rating: 7.4/10

Intimate Hotel (3.5 Stars)

For those seeking a delightful 3.5 star experience, Intimate Hotel near Second Road might just be the ideal pick. Its well-crafted amenities bring you closer to four-star luxury and comfort with modern large rooms and a magnificent rooftop swimming pool. 

Intimate Hotel

Apart from these spectacular attractions, all rooms feature free Wi-Fi access for caregivers and travelers alike! Furthermore, some rooms come with their own personal jacuzzi which is sure to provide the perfect place to cool off after a long day in town or sightseeing. 

So if you’re looking for a girl friendly hotel that offers style, sophistication, and relaxation all at an affordable price, look no further than Intimate Hotel!

Average room rate in high season: $55 per night

User rating: 8.2/10

LK Metropole Hotel (4 stars)

The LK Metropole Hotel is nestled away from the hustle and bustle of busy Beach Road, two blocks back. Its prime location within walking distance of Central Festival Pattaya means guests are conveniently close to shopping, eating, and entertainment venues in the popular area. With its four-star rating, this hotel promises to provide a luxurious stay with modern amenities at an affordable price.

L K Metropole Pattaya

The rooms are well maintained and larger than average, with plenty of room to relax and unwind. Each room features a large balcony, and some even have spectacular views of the city. Wi-Fi is free and offered throughout the property. 

What sets this hotel apart from others on offer is its affordability and quiet atmosphere; it’s just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Pattaya, while still being proximate to the area’s best nightlife spots.

Average room rate in high season: $52 per night

User rating: 7.9/10

LK The Empress (4 stars)

The LK The Empress is a luxurious four-star hotel that provides guests with easy access to Central Festival Pattaya and Walking Street. Because of this, the hotel is an excellent option for vacationers who want to take advantage of the shopping and nightlife opportunities that are available in the area.

LK The Empress

The LK The Empress is renowned for being the most favored guest-friendly hotel in Pattaya. It features rooms that are well-maintained, large, and neat. Also, the staff is kind and accommodating. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi in all of the rooms and has a multitude of amenities, such as a pool and a gym, making it a fantastic option for lodging during your time spent in Pattaya.

Average room rate in high season: $68 per night

User rating: 8.3/10

Areca Lodge Hotel (3.5 stars)

The Areca Lodge Hotel is a 3.5-star establishment that can be found off Second Road. It boasts a convenient location, as it is only a short distance away from both the Central Festival Pattaya and the lively nightlife of Beach Road. The hotel rooms are very roomy, measuring roughly 32 square meters, and are kept in pristine condition by the hotel staff. 

Areca lodge Pattaya

The hotel has a huge swimming pool that guests may use to cool down in, and all of the rooms are equipped with complimentary wireless internet access. In addition, the Areca Lodge Hotel is well-known for its welcoming atmosphere toward visitors, and there are no joiner fees that guests are required to pay.

Average room rate in high season: $52 per night

User rating: 8.1/10

Hilton Hotel Pattaya (5 stars)

The Pattaya Hilton is undoubtedly the epitome of luxury in the city, boasting breathtaking sea views and exquisitely designed rooms and suites. Moreover, it is a rarity for hotels of this caliber to be 100% guest-friendly, and The Pattaya Hilton is one of them. There are no joiner fees charged to guests.

Hilton Pattaya

The rooms at The Hilton are incredibly spacious, with even the smallest ones measuring 46 square meters and the suites ranging over 100 square meters. Additionally, most rooms come equipped with jacuzzis, offering guests the perfect opportunity to unwind and catch the stunning sunset views before heading out for the night.

Average room rate in high season: $142 per night

User rating: 8.9/10

Avani Pattaya Resort (5 Stars)

Avani Pattaya Resort is a luxurious 5-star property located on Pattaya Beach Road, providing easy access to local attractions and sights. If you’re visiting the area, be sure to set some time aside to visit Walking Street Pattaya and Pattaya Beach, which are conveniently located nearby.

Avani Pattaya Resort

This high-quality property offers guests a range of amenities and facilities, including access to massage, restaurant, and spa on-site. Whether you want to unwind and relax after a long day of sightseeing or simply want to indulge in some pampering, Avani Pattaya Resort has everything you need.

The resort’s prime location means that you can enjoy the best of both worlds – easy access to local attractions and a peaceful, tranquil setting for ultimate relaxation. With its 5-star rating, Avani Pattaya Resort guarantees a luxurious and comfortable stay, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a high-quality and memorable experience in Pattaya.

Other Girl Friendly Hotels Near Walking Street, Pattaya

Pattaya’s major tourist and nightlife drag is called Walking Street. Several of the city’s best eating establishments, watering holes, and discotheques call this traffic-free zone home.

The following hotels are all within a short distance of Walking Street and have been confirmed as being both guest and girl friendly and convenient.

The Green View (3 Stars)

Situated on Soi 15, just off Walking Street, The Green View offers a highly convenient location for visitors keen on experiencing the vibrant nightlife of Pattaya. While its proximity to Walking Street ensures easy access to the city’s bars and nightclubs, it also means that the hotel isn’t particularly tranquil.

The Green View Pattaya

Furthermore, The Green View is renowned for being guest-friendly, and guests do not need to pay any joiner fees.

Average room rate in high season: $41 per night

User rating: 7.4/10

Grand Hotel Pattaya (3 Stars)

The Grand Hotel Pattaya is a three-star hotel in a prime location off of Soi 14, only steps from Walking Street. The hotel is close to the action of the city at night, so guests may experience noise disruptions till the wee hours.

Grand Hotel Pattaya

If you want to be close to the pubs and nightclubs, this is a great alternative, but it’s not the best for people who want a quiet place to sleep.

The Grand Hotel Pattaya has a stellar reputation for accommodating visitors and charging no joiner fees.

Average room rate in high season: $44 per night

User rating: 7.4/10

Diamond Beach Hotel (2 Stars)

The Diamond Beach Hotel is a basic yet reasonably priced two-star hotel situated directly on Walking Street and within proximity to the beach. At a cost of approximately $30 per night during the high season, it stands out as one of the most economical guest-friendly hotels that offer easy access to Walking Street. The hotel features a modest outdoor swimming pool available for its guests.

Diamond Beach Hotel

Average room rate in high season: $30 per night

User rating: 6.4/10

Other Recommended Hotels In South Pattaya 

Whether you’re looking for a cheap hostel or a five-star resort, South Pattaya has you covered. The vicinity of Walking Street, several marketplaces, and beautiful beaches have made this area famous. 

In addition to the city’s exciting nightlife and fascinating sights, visitors will find a wide variety of high-quality hotels to suit their needs. 

Below we’ll look into some of the other South Pattaya hotels that come highly recommended for their service and value.

The Beverly Hotel Pattaya (3 Stars)

The Beverly Hotels Pattaya is a high-quality 3-star property strategically located in South Pattaya, providing easy access and proximity to local attractions and sights. Guests can visit nearby places of interest such as Walking Street Pattaya and Pattaya Beach, both of which are located just a short distance away.

The Beverly Hotel Pattaya

The hotel offers guests a range of amenities and facilities, including access to massage, restaurant, and fitness center on-site. Whether you want to work out, relax with a massage, or enjoy a delicious meal, The Beverly Hotels Pattaya has everything you need.

The hotel’s prime location allows guests to enjoy the best of both worlds – easy access to local attractions and a peaceful, comfortable setting for relaxation. With its 3-star rating, The Beverly Hotels Pattaya guarantees a high-quality and enjoyable stay, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a comfortable and affordable accommodation in Pattaya.

B2 South Pattaya Premier Hotel (3 Stars)

Located in South Pattaya, this property offers convenient access to various attractions and dining options. You can easily visit nearby places of interest such as Walking Street Pattaya and Pattaya Beach. With a 3-star rating, this property boasts an outdoor pool that can enhance your stay and make it more enjoyable and memorable.

B2 South Pattaya

Average room rate in high season: $50 per night

User rating: 8/10

Mercure Hotel Pattaya (4 Stars)

The Mercure Hotel Pattaya is a big four-star facility that gives convenient access to the beach, as well as the active nightlife and retail districts along Beach Road. It is located on Pattaya Second Road, which connects to Pattaya Bay. 

Mercure Hotel Pattaya

In addition to being elegantly furnished, large, and immaculately clean, the guest rooms include high-speed Internet connectivity, which is also available throughout the hotel. Also, certain accommodations come complete with private balconies that showcase stunning vistas of the surrounding water. 

The hotel has an extensive selection of services, such as a fitness center and a huge outdoor swimming pool, to ensure that visitors have all they need to have a relaxing and enjoyable stay, including the ability to do so in luxury and in style.

Average room rate in high season: $55 per night

User rating: 7.6/10


Pattaya is a great place to visit for those looking for fun and a lively atmosphere. Not only does this city offer beautiful beaches and delicious food, the guest friendly hotels in Pattaya make it the perfect place for travelers and tourists. From luxury resorts to more affordable options, there are plenty of accommodations that cater to your needs and comfort. 

Moreover, many of these hotels provide some amazing amenities such as spas, poolside bars, concierge services, fitness centers, business centers and more. 

When you’re looking for the perfect hotel to suit whatever you’re looking for while in Pattaya, remember to consider one of the enjoyable guest friendly hotels listed above. With its warm climate, tasty cuisine and stunning scenery, a stay at any of these places will truly make your trip worth it!

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